About PIECES for Life

We Help People Choose To Live Healthier

At PIECES® for Life we believe that choice is a critical part of living. We can choose to live healthier or we can allow poor health choices to alter the course of our life and the lives of others. What is your choice?

A Health and Wellness Network Working For You

PIECES® for Life is a network of scientists, academics, medical providers, and health promotion specialists that work together to solve problems.
This network of professionals all work in synergy to bring the best of their specialty to address our clients' needs.

Using The PIECES® System

Designed to provide a framework for analyzing data, building solutions, and evaluating outcomes, the PIECES® system is a proprietary approach to managing the challenges of healthcare cost drivers, creating employee wellness initiatives that work, building a culture of health and wellness, and encouraging true behavior change.

Working to Develop Systems that Improve Population Health

  • We are dedicated to improving population health one person at a time!
  • We believe that if you empower one individual to live healthier, you have created the opportunity to trigger an entire network of individuals that will learn from the one you empowered.
  • We know that improving the health of one life will make a difference – but improving the health of several lives could change the world.

Contact Us!

Get in touch with us to request more information on any of our products or services!

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