The PIECES System

A framework for analyzing data, building solutions, and evaluating outcomes

The PIECES® system was designed as a framework and a proprietary approach to managing the challenges of healthcare cost drivers, creating employee wellness initiatives that work, and encouraging true behavior change.
Where some solutions are designed to increase costs, decrease options, or limit access to valuable resources, the PIECES® system was created to maximize impact through a divide and conquer tactic that simply makes sense!


The PIECES® system was developed by Dr. Mary Ellen Rose and has been reviewed and supported by a global cohort or experts in the field of Health and Wellness. We are constantly tweaking and updating our system to keep up with the latest data and trends in Health and Wellness.

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The PIECES® system was designed to be easily implemented and flexible enough to fit into any business model or existing wellness program. This allows the PIECES® for Life team to find a low cost, customized Health and Wellness solution that will perfectly fit your needs.

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Comprehensive Science-Based System

Integrating the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Community, Environmental, and Spiritual elements proven to influence health, the PIECES® system is a truly comprehensive and science-based method for analyzing, building, and evaluating health promoting strategies.

Physical Health

Managing your body through exercise, diet, & rest.

Intellectual Health

Empowering knowledge through learning & literacy.

Emotional Health

Handling feelings, reactions, & responses.

Community Health

Addressing human connection through, communication, caring, & collaboration.

Environmental Health

Finding the tools that work, that make sense & are accessible.

Spiritual Health

Creating a culture of health & wellness.


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