Our Company

At PIECES® for Life we don’t believe in re-inventing the wheel

More often than not, all the parts needed for a worksite wellness system or general health promotion initiative are already available, easy to access, and will cost less than starting from scratch. We simply use the PIECES® model to bring these parts together to form a customized health & wellness-focused solution that makes sense for the client.
PIECES for Life engages a network of scientists, academics, medical providers and health promotion specialists that work together to solve problems. Led by Mary Ellen Rose, PhD, this network of professionals all work in synergy to bring the best of their specialty to address our client’s specific needs.

Our Mission

We believe that living healthier should involve a health promotion strategy that is realistic, practical, and simple.

Whether analyzing work-site wellness efforts, improving clinical pathways in medical systems, or leading workshops for behavior change, our team is working to make lives healthier through functional solutions.


We find ways to make complex health & wellness issues simple to understand.


We search for real-world health & wellness solutions that can be implemented with minimal cost.


We provide guidelines and frameworks that empower individuals to take control of their health & wellness.

Our Great Staff

We are a woman owned small business working with a powerful network of professionals that serve as independent associates collaborating to solve specific client needs. We work with great people all over the world to bring you the very best in Health and Wellness. We are always looking to expand and would love to have you on our staff.

Mary Ellen Rose

Mary Ellen Rose, PhD. formally began her studies in the health sciences in 1979 and has progressively expanded her knowledge toward improving the applicability of theory and research into sensible and relevant practices. Recognizing a growing need for health-oriented hospitality services, Dr. Rose envisioned IHDA as an opportunity to bring the science of health promotion into the practical need for healthy leisure and business travel experiences. As a subject matter specialist to a variety of healthcare organizations and major corporations across the United States, Dr. Rose is an active consultant providing comprehensive and effective health promoting innovations that are grounded in science, utilize best practices, and incorporate educational and behavior-based strategies. Her analytic expertise reaches across a variety of health interests and disease states. Having developed the PIECES® model in 2001, she has published numerous papers, textbook chapters, health journal articles, and curriculum resources addressing stress management, health behavior modification, global health responsibility, women's health issues, chronic disease management, and personal wellness. Mary Ellen currently serves on the Board of the International Association for Worksite Health Promotion and is an active Red Cross Volunteer with the Internal Medicine Department's Integrated Health Services Team at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Hospital (WRNMMC) in Bethesda, Maryland. Additionally, Dr. Rose has been appointed to several WRNMMC committees currently directing the health promotion efforts for more than 500,000 active medical military personnel in the Washington DC Metro area.

Zack Blewett

Zack Blewett graduated from St. Mary's College of Maryland in 2014 with a Major in Computer Science and a Minor in Biology. Since graduation he has served as the technology lead for both the Institute for Healthy Destination Accreditation and PIECES® for Life. Having participated in high level athletics all his life, his athletic career in college guided him towards the health and wellness field. While preparing for a career in medicine he discovered that the most effective way to really help someone is to teach them how to take care of themselves. For his senior thesis he combined his work in Biology and Computer Science to develop and test a prototype to demonstrate the effectiveness of integrating computer game based motivation into injury rehabilitation by incorporating electronics into modern physical therapy techniques. He is especially interested in physical and nutritional health and wellness.

Network of Advisors

When we said we work with some of the best and brightest all over the world we meant it. PIECES for Life engages a network of professionals from all over the world that are experts in their field.

Interested in joining our network of advisors? Send us a message by clicking on the mail icon below!

Join Our Team!

We look for the best and brightest to help us achieve our goals!
From business and sales personnel to health and wellness experts, we are always looking to expand our team.

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