Health and Wellness Product Certification

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Created to provide a science-based review of products, services, and programs for their health-focused benefits & authentic contribution to wellness

Who do we certify?

Health and Wellness Products and Services

There are millions of products, services and programs available to consumers that claim to have health benefits or contribute to personal wellness. PIECES for Life has gathered an international team of scientists and health professionals to serve as objective reviewers of products, programs and services that claim to have a health-focused benefit or contribute to personal wellness.

Why Become PIECES® Certified?

  • Become a Health and Wellness brand people recognize and trust
  • Introduce your products or services to consumers through your listing in our directory of Health Logic Certified products and services.
  • Introduce your products or services to PIECES® Certified Healthy Destinations
  • Introduce your products or services to PIECES@ Wellness Initiative Developers
  • Display the Health Logic seal of approval on Health Logic certified products or services

Apply for Certification!

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Contact Us!

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In order to protect their personal privacy, we do not disclose the reviewer(’s) name(s), but we do provide their professional credentials. All products, services, and programs reviewed have either requested the Health Logic certification or have been recommended for review by interested consumers.
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