Health and Wellness Consulting

Health and Wellness in the Workplace Works!

Studies show that healthy employees are happier and more productive, experience less absenteeism, and have fewer work-related injuries. Employers with wellness initiatives in place reap the benefit of lower insurance costs and healthier, happier employees.

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Consulting services that make sense

Request a discovery session to learn how we can best serve your needs. Our network of advisors are specialists in their field working together under the PIECES® model to provide custom solutions that are targeted, effective, and cost-sensitive.

Small Business

Whether targeting health cost drivers to develop effective wellness strategies or establishing a culture of wellness, our consultants can work with your wellness committee, insurance provider of wellness services, or HR manager to maximize participation and support initiatives. We are also happy to direct you toward free resources and services that are available but hard to find!


For more sophisticated or established wellness efforts, our consultants can provide baseline measurements & analysis, program & service design, outcome measurements & evaluation, facility design & staffing, or health culture development through leadership training. We also have amazing writers and researchers if you need a report or an application completed for one of the many worksite wellness awards that are presented globally.


Our consultants are here to serve the wellness needs of active duty and retired military personnel and their families. We also work with military support organizations to provide a variety of tools and services. Whether creating or supporting alternative health modalities, providing “train the trainer” services, or providing suppliers for health promotion events, our network is proud to extend a supportive hand to those that serve our country.


We are experts in healthy hospitality. Whether building fitness centers, incorporating wellness programs into existing fitness facilities, expanding spa services to reflect a health & wellness impact, improving marketing efforts to attract the health-focused traveler, or providing a comprehensive review of health-focused amenities, we are the only science-based company in the industry specifically focused on healthy hospitality.

A Health and Wellness Network Working for You!

Our consulting network was developed to provide clients with a variety of program and service options that are delivered through reputable professionals with a history of success.

  • From health system analysis to wellness program development, we have a network of specialists that are all working together to provide health and/or wellness services in the most professional, efficient, and cost-effective way possible.
  • Whether you are a small company considering your first worksite wellness program, a hospital or medical provider needing an independent review of a clinical pathway, or a large corporation considering medical options overseas, we have a skilled professional that is qualified, established, and ready to serve your needs.
  • There are many new health and wellness providers that are happy to make things complicated and expensive. Give us a call first, one of our network professionals may have an easier, more practical solution for you!

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